CFAA Mission:

"To maximize the effectiveness and use of fire alarm systems in the protection of life and property in Canada"

CFAA Vision:

"The CFAA will be recognized nationally as the definitive resource for fire alarm related information, education, qualifications, expertise, and industry support with active Chapters throughout Canada."

Strategic Priorities:

a)      Establish very solid “Value Propositions” in terms of what the CFAA offers and provides to its members and other stakeholders, in order to ensure that membership in and involvement with the Association are very valuable experiences for those members and stakeholders, and thereby to ensure member retention is maximized along with attraction of new members, and to ensure the CFAA’s solid, sustainable relevance in the industry.
b)     Establish appropriate recognition and accreditation for CFAA Registered Fire Alarm Technicians in each (provincial and significant municipal) jurisdiction in Canada, that will allow them to do the work for which they have been properly trained and qualified, and that will distinguish them from other technologist, technician and trade groups that are not so trained, to help local building officials to engage the right people to do fire alarm work. This will benefit Fire Alarm Technicians, building owners, authorities having jurisdiction and the public at large, and will improve the reliability and effectiveness of fire alarm systems.
c)      Improve and expand the CFAA Education Programs, to serve a wider group of fire alarm industry participants, to improve the existing programs to include hands-on learning and hands-on skill testing, and to make all the programs available to as many Canadians as possible by using current distance learning technologies, education techniques and delivery partners.   Historically, CFAA Education Programs were aimed specifically at training technicians who will inspect, test, and maintain fire alarms. In the future, it will as important to educate Authorities Having Jurisdiction, Building Owners, Fire Alarm Designers, Fire Alarm Salespeople and even Fire Alarm Manufacturers’ product development personnel.
d)     Promote the Recognition, Acceptance, Participation and Application of CFAA Trained Personnel and CFAA Programs in all parts of the country, and establish the CFAA as the “definitive centre of knowledge and excellence” when it comes to maximizing the effectiveness and use of Fire Alarms across Canada. Today, the CFAA is well recognized and entrenched in Ontario. The Ontario Fire Code prescribes the qualifications for Fire Alarm technicians, and the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office recognizes the CFAA Program as a qualifier. While inroads have been made in a few other provinces, there is not yet the same enshrining in law of the Education Program as there is here.


Each Canadian Fire Alarm Association Member and Registered Technician shall:

  1. be dedicated to safety of the public from fire, in all aspects of their fire alarm work;
  2. adhere to all applicable fire alarm codes, standards, and by-laws in all areas of fire protection including design, manufacture, application, installation, verification, maintenance servicing and promotion of fire alarm systems;
  3. only perform fire alarm services for which they have qualification and experience;
  4. be honest and truthful in all dealings;
  5. behave in a manner that upholds the principles and integrity of the Canadian Fire Alarm Association;
  6. support the education of industry participants concerning advances in Life Safety and Fire Alarm;
  7. promote the Goals and Objectives of the Canadian Fire Alarm Association, and both refrain from and discourage others from the misuse of its name and logo.