Alberta 2015 ATS presentations

The most important things a Fire Alarm Professional should know about the 2014 ABC and AFC update - By: Michael Liley, Chubb Edwards

Government of Alberta Legislative process and the future of the Alberta Fire and Building Codes - By: Trevor Brice, Chief Fire Administrator, Alberta Municipal Affairs

Value of Integration - By: Wondy Tamene, Honeywell Building Solutions

Basic Sprinkler 101 – Fire Alarm connections to Sprinkler devices - By: Jeff Banda, Vipond Inc.

ULC S1001, Integrated Systems Testing - By: Simon Crosby, RBA Engineering

False Alarm, Hotworks and Mass Notification at the University of Calgary - By: Sandy Mackenzie, University of Calgary

Changing the Maglock Culture - By: James Sanford, SMP Engineering

Commissioning of Life Safety and Fire Protection Equipment; 2014 ABC and AFC Requirements - By: Eddy La Rocque, Calgary Fire Department