Webinar Course 4 "LSSE" 2019


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Mon & Thur 7PM-10PM EST: 
May 16, (20th No Class) 23, 27 & 30: Jun 3, 6, 10, 13, 17, 20, 24 & 27 

 Three (3) hours each date listed.
***Attendance and participation are mandatory and will make up 10% of final grade

Course Cost includes the CFAA Course Manual "Life Safety Systems Electronics". The CFAA course manual will be mailed to each paid participant.

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Life Safety Systems Electronics
As a participant of this CFAA Course the objects are:
- To be able to read electronic schematic diagrams.
- Understand the basic electronic theory as it applies to electron flow and current flow, impedance, inductance, capacitance and modulation.
- Explain rectification of A/C power, the theory and operation of charging circuits, batteries, voltage regulation, and know how to test these systems.
- Understand and identify amplifier circuits, filtering circuits, op amps, switching circuits and other electronic circuits.
- Know the use and be able to identify diodes (all types), transistors (all types), capacitors, and resistors, as in their colour code.
- The knowledge of basic digital and analog technology, and integrated circuits should be displayed.
- A basic knowledge of binary counting, and gate theory should be demonstrated.