Course 3 Online "Basic Electricity"


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This is a self study, learn at your own pace course.
$340 for course + $80 for required manual + applicable taxes.

This course begins with Basic Electrical theory - Ohm's law, Kirchoff's law, magnetism, energy generation and the dangers of higher A/C voltages. The course then focuses on providing a greater understanding of the Canadian Electrical Code with reference to the following areas:

  • conductors: sizing, insulation types, voltage ratings and other conductor characteristics,
  • how to access the tables regarding conductors and cables i.e. Table 11, 19 and D1
  • grounding of conduit systems and enclosers - Section 10,
  • wiring methods, conduit and cable installation,
  • protection and control of electrical circuits - overcurrent protection (fuses & breakers),
  • disconnecting means, class 1 & 2 circuits - Section 14, and
  • allrequirements pertaining to fire alarm systems - Section 32 & 60.