Webinar Course 5 "Fire Alarm Systems Application" 2020


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Tue & Thur 7PM - 10PM:  (3) hours each day listed.

May 19, 21, 26, 28/June 2, 4, 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25

***Attendance and participation are mandatory and will make up 10% of final grade

Webinar Course 5 "Canadian Fire Alarm Systems: Application" 2020 (requires the same textbook as Course 1 – see above, The Canadian Fire Alarm System: A Reference Manual)

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Fire Alarm Systems Application
As a participant, of Course 5 - Fire Alarm Systems Application, the objects are:
- Understand the overall application of fire alarm systems, into specific buildings, having regard for all applicable codes and standards.
- Determine the appropriate selection, application and coverage for each type of system device such as detection and signaling.
- Understand all types of traditional field wiring circuits and the connection of field devices.
- Understand the basics of microprocessor based systems utilizing addressable devices and remote annunciation
- Understand the operation of control equipment for fire detection and alarms signaling, and ancillary devices controlled by the system.
- Discuss other life-safety support systems such as smoke control and elevator recall.
- Learn the electrical installation requirements contained in the Electrical Code.
- Understand all of the system verification and periodic inspection procedures, all in accordance with U.L.C. requirements as outlined in CAN/ULC-S537 and CAN/ULC-S536 standards.