Webinar Course 2 - "Verbal & Written Communications" - 2020


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Tue & Thur:
Jun 30/Jul 2, 7, 9 14, 16, 21, 23, 28, 30/Aug 4, 6 

Times:  Three (3) hours each date listed from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST
***Attendance and participation are mandatory and will make up 20% of course final grade.

Course is designed to provide an experience that will help both poor and excellent communicators improve, by reviewing basic principles and practicing. If you complete the assigned tasks as directed, you will succeed. There are assignments but no exams.
Course Cost includes the Course Handouts and/or Manual, which will be mailed to each paid participant.
Direct course inquiries to:  The Instructor contact information will be sent to each paid participant.
Course will be conducted using GoToTraining™. A GoToTraining™ Training ID will be sent to participants after registration is confirmed. Please ensure to load GoToTraining and test webcam, headset and microphone prior to the commencement of the Course. The GoToTraining information will be sent to all paid course participants.
Verbal & Written Communications: major topics
- The communication Process – Understanding how & why we communicate.
- Identify Barriers to Communication – and how we deal with them.
- Practice writing, both in class and through homework assignments
- 5 Steps to effective communication and how to ensure our communication is        effective.
- Conducting Successful Meetings – Steps to ensure our meetings meet their objectives.
- Using the telephone – Effective telephone procedures before, during, and after a   call.
- The 3 Steps to Effective Writing – Prewriting – Writing – Revising.
- Styles in Writing – Active Language – Passive Voice – Clarity & Brevity – Accuracy.
- Organizing and Writing Letters – Functions – Formats and Parts of Letters – Using the 3 Steps.
- Organizing and Writing Memos – Functions of Memos – Formats and Parts of Memos – Using the 3 Steps 
- Practice, in class, verbal  presentations.