This page is devoted to dealing with YOUR questions relating to fire safety industry issues.


You may send your questions directly to the CFAA at

Your questions: should contain enough background information as may be necessary for us to fully understand the issue in the context raised and should relate to an issue that affects the fire alarm industry such as the Fire Code, the Building Code (Specify whether National or Provincial) or a ULC Standard (Specify which version) or should it be a technical issue which affects the design, installation or testing of fire alarm systems or should pertain to any other issue which affects the fire alarm industry and upon which the CFAA may have an opinion.

Most questions require interpretations of the Building Code, the Fire Code and ULC Fire Alarm installation, verification and testing standards. For the answers to most questions to be useful and meaningful, they need to be directed to the Authority Having Jurisdiction or those responsible for the appropriate code or standard for an official response.

For interpretations on the Building Code, each of the Provinces have a Building Code Committee which can be contacted or you can contact the National Building Code Committee.

In most jurisdictions, the local fire departments are responsible for issues related to the Fire Code or alternatively you can contact your Provincial Fire Marshals Office directly.

Inquires related to the ULC Standards should be forwarded to the ULC standards secretary, Theresa Espejo, who will have one of the ULC engineers provide an answer where appropriate or forward the question to the working group chairman for a response from the working group.

Questions related to NFPA Standards can be sent to the NFPA standards secretary who will forward the question to the appropriate individual for comments. (

May we suggest that you consider clearly phrasing your question, identifying your Province and city and include details of the building as appropriate. Then forward your question to the appropriate group for comment.