Significant Activities

CFAA is a member supported "Not-for Profit: Canadian association established in 1973, with a record of outstanding accomplishments and with a deep passion to "raise the bar" for public fire safety.
Codes and Standards Development

  • For decades, CFAA members have volunteered their services in the development and upgrading of ULC fire alarm and life safety systems standards.
  • Individual CFAA members continue to serve on National/Provincial Building, Electrical(Section 32) and Fire Codes development and review committees and boards.
  • Many CFAA members actively serve on committees dedicated to harmonize U.S. and Canadian fire alarm standards.

Education and Training

  • Using the vast experience and knowledge of our members, the CFAA develops, produces and distributes a comprehensive up-to-date CFAA Education Programs for Fire Alarm Technicians, AHJ's, Property Owners/Managers and Fire Alarm Industry Stakeholders.
  • Currently there are several Provincial Fire Codes that recognize that Registered CFAA Fire Alarm Technicians are qualified to inspect, test, verify and maintain fire alarm systems.
  • The CFAA imparts fire safety and in particular fire alarm knowledge and skills at Technical Seminars across Canada.
  • The CFAA has developed and maintains four essential and widely utilized fire alarm reference manuals.
  • The CFAA courses are available through: numerous community colleges, through correspondence courses and via on-line services.
  • To assist AHJ's, Building Owners/Manager and other stakeholders the CFAA maintains an online verification database of all Registered CFAA Fire Alarm Technicians that are in good standing and who have successfully completed the CFAA Fire Alarm Technician Program and have maintained there skills and knowledge through continuing education.

 Outreach and Communications

  •  Network of CFAA Provincial Chapters.
  •  The WWW.CFAA.CA website provides public and fire industry access to all CFAA services.
  •  The CFAA publishes a quarterly Technical Journal.
  •  The CFAA teachs and trains fire safety skills at Technical Seminars across Canada.
  •  The CFAA offers scholarship awards to top graduates in Fire Technology.
  •  The CFAA partners with and supports other fire and life safety organizations.