CFAA Participates in Fire Safety Video Production

(Posting Date: 08/12/10)

In December of 1999, the CFAA contributed $5,000.00 toward the production of a Fire Safety video tape intended to target care and treatment facilities.
This was a project under taken by the office of the Ontario Fire Marshal (OFM), co-ordinated by Bruce Weaver and Bev Gilbert.

RFP's were sent to three production companies, and in May a successful bidder was chosen and production began
The project team overseeing the video production included Bruce Weaver (OFM), Ann Miller and Bev Gilbert (OFM-FMPFSC), Dave Duggan (CFAA), Tony Spiteri and Greg Byrne of CASA.
The draft version was completed later in 2000 and the revision process continued until early this year.

Entitled "Every Second Counts" the 18 minute video is designed to inform, educate and prepare people who work in hospitals, nursing homes, group homes etc., on how to deal with a fire emergency.

Topics covered include speed of smoke and fire spread, proper response to a variety of emergency scenarios and the importance of Fire Safety Training.
The CFAA suggests that as a member, you could inform your care facility clients of the video, and direct them to the Fire Marshal's Office @ 416-325-3175 to order a copy.