Smoke Detector Availability, Sensitivity Settings & Testing Data

(Posting Date: 03/01/11)

The Canadian Fire Alarm Association members and the Authorities across Canada, have often requested information on whether a particular smoke detector model was still manufactured and remained available for replacement in existing systems. As well, since the annual sensitivity testing of smoke detectors started to be enforced as a result of the latest edition of the ULC S-536 Annual Testing Standard being issued, the CFAA has received many requests relating to the availability of sensitivity testing meters. As a result, the CFAA with the support of the major detector manufacturers, has collected data and generated charts which identify detectors which can still be obtained and where meters are available.

The manufacturers sensitivity settings are now included in the charts, which provides the sensitivity levels acceptable for annual testing and for adjusting the detectors in the field when necessary. Where sensitivity settings are not provided either the information is not available or is not applicable.
The following charts provide the details available for each of the participating manufacturers . . .