CFAA Complaints Policy

(Posting Date: 02/03/18)

CFAA New Complaints Policy

An Open Letter to CFAA Registered Technicians and Members
At the CFAA we believe our CFAA Registered Technicians are second to none in their execution of Fire Alarm System Installation, Testing, and Service performance. To become Registered, they must pass both written and practical exams, and demonstrate long term competence through logged on- the-job training time.
When criticism is levelled at our Technicians, we believe that each one of them deserves a well- defined review policy to ensure that they have a right to due process in resolving issues – yet up until now there has been no policy to guide the process – which has come to the attention of our partners in this industry – the Authorities Having Jurisdiction.
For this industry, the CFAA realizes that such a process is fundamental to ensuring all technicians perform to the highest standards in life safety, both technically and ethically. To fill this void, a new Policy has been adopted by the CFAA which provides a step-by-step process for dispute resolution – especially concerning the conduct of CFAA Registered Technicians as they perform their vital role in servicing life-safety systems.
Going forward, all complaints related to CFAA Registered Technicians will be investigated and evaluated based on the guidelines contained in the CFAA Complaints Resolution Policy, which is currently posted on the CFAA website. Through the implementation of this policy, and with the cooperation of the Authorities Having Jurisdiction, the CFAA will ensure that complaints lodged against CFAA technicians are investigated, evaluated and resolved while ensuring fairness to all parties.
The CFAA encourages you to review this policy to understand its intent. Once you thoroughly comprehend the policy and the process defined by it, we welcome your constructive feedback. By incorporating this kind of feedback, we can continue to improve this policy and the process to ensure CFAA technicians continue to perform their roles as intended.

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