ULC's Fire Alarm & Life Safety Webinar Presentation July 21, 2020

(Posting Date: 23/07/20)

ULC''s Webinar Presentation July 21, 2020

We hope you enjoyed attending the CFAA Webinar: An Overview of the ULC’s Fire Alarm & Life Safety Standards, Testing, Inspection & Certification Programs on July 21, 2020, 1PM Eastern.
Attached are the two slide decks that were presented. If you have any ULC questions please do not hesitate to reach out to the presenters, their contact information is in the last slide of each deck. Thank you again to Caitlin D’Onofrio and Tess Espejo for their informative presentations on ULC’s standards development and certification and testing programs in the fire and life safety space. Below is a link to the recorded event:
CFAA Registered Technicians that attended will receive 0.5 Continuing Education (CE) credits for their participation. Any questions on CE credits, please reach out to Jackie Jones at techadmin@cfaa.ca.
Stay tuned for our next free CE webinar that will be announced soon!
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