New Course 4 (LSSE) Life Safety Systems Electronics

(Posting Date: 24/05/12)

Course 4: "Life Safety Systems Electronics"
(Replaces Previous "
Basic Electronics")

This course is the fourth component of the CFAA  Fire Alarm Technology Program.
This is an online course available directly from George Brown College.


Study the principles of electronics as they apply to life safety systems, including fire alarms and building automation systems. Examine both analogue and digital systems and their applications. This is a valuable course for all those who work in (or are planning to enter) industries related to the built environment.
This course is an online self-study course, and registration is offered through continuous intake meaning you may register in it at any time (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Register in the section (CRN) with the date range that includes the date on which you want to start the course. Keep in mind that your materials will take approximately a week to arrive once you register (as they are sent by courier). You have 120 calendar days from the day you receive the course materials to complete the course. Instructor support via email will be available.

A link to a description of the technology requirements specific to this course is provided on the George Brown website.

Hours: 36

Part One - Analog Electronics
   Session 1: Diodes and Rectifiers
   Session 2: Bi-Polar Transistors
   Session 3: Field Effect Transistors
   Session 4: Power Supply Circuits
   Session 5: Operational Amplifiers
   Session 6: Analog Electronic Applications

Part Two - Digital Electronics
   Session 1: Numerical Systems
   Session 2: Logic Gates
   Session 3: Digital System Components
   Session 4: Programmable Digital Systems

Part Three - Life Safety Applications
   Session 1: Analog Applications
   Session 2: Signaling Appliances
   Session 3 Digital Applications
   Session 4: Network Applications

Assessments (Tests)
   Part One Analog Electronics Test
   Part Two: Digital Electronics Test
   Part three: Life Safety Applications Test
   Course Final (EXAM)