BUILDING MANAGERS - How long should an annual fire alarm system inspection take?

(Posting Date: 18/04/13)


ATTENTION ALL BUILDING MANAGERS - Have you ever wondered how to estimate the time to conduct an annual fire alarm inspection as described in CAN/ULC S536-04 “Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems” ?
Here’s help !
CFAA has developed a basic estimation calculator to help building managers do just that.
It’s simple and easy to use.
The goal of this calculator is to assist you, the building manager, to gain a better understanding of the estimated time it may take to conduct an annual fire alarm inspection – all based on the number of devices and panels that you have in your building - so you can better assess any quotes you receive.
Run the Estimator Tool

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(NOTE: This calculator is ONLY intended to provide a basic prediction as to the bare MINIMUM time required to perform a given annual inspection. The goal is to serve as a general guide to help building managers understand the labour associated with some of the tasks inherent to an annual inspection of their specific fire alarm system.

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