We know you will appreciate the recent changes and improvements to the CFAA website

(Posting Date: 09/08/13)

The CFAA  – Always Improving
After 40 year’s of service to the fire safety industry since its founding in 1973, the mission of the CFAA, as always, continues to be to maximize the effectiveness and use of fire alarm systems in the protection of life and property in Canada.
To that end, we at the CFAA continue to make improvements to make our website more useful for you.
Here are some examples of recent changes.
• Menu improvement
Our menus have been updated to help for easier navigation on our website.
• CFAA Journal format
The CFAA Journal now appears in ‘animated’ magazine format with table of content links to article.
• Keyword Search
We have improved the keyword search facility to help you find what you want to see.
The “Site Search” box is near the top right corner of the website page. It’s quick and easy to use.
For example, a search on ‘audibility’ results in a list of all CFAA website references on ‘audibility’ including links to past CFAA Journals that contained articles on ‘audibility’.
Give it a try!
• Course Exemptions for CFAA students
Improved description of requirements and procedures for applying for course exemptions in the CFAA Fire Alarm Technology Program that leads up to becoming a registered CFAA Fire Alarm Technician.
Annual Inspection Time Estimator
We have developed a basic estimation calculator to help BUILDING MANAGERS  estimate the time to conduct an annual fire alarm inspection as described in CAN/ULC S536-04 “Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems”  
It’s simple and easy to use. Try it!
 We welcome your ideas!
If you have any suggestions regarding either the CFAA website or the CFAA Journal, we would love to hear from you. Send us an email with your ideas. After all, this is YOUR website!