FOR CORPORATE MEMBERS: The CFAA Member Listing helps you promote your company. Is it up to date?.

(Posting Date: 10/03/15)

Dear CFAA Member,
I am pleased to inform you that a new interactive CFAA Member Listing has been added to the CFAA website (
The newly revised CFAA Member Listing signifies your affiliation as a Member Company of the CFAA and of your adherence to the CFAA Code of Ethics.  It allows for greater promotion of your company on the CFAA website by showing your location on a map or in a general listing format, provides detailed company and service information, and enables better search capabilities.
As part of the interactive feature your member company designated representative, you as the “Profile Owner”, are able to manage your CFAA membership profile. When logged into to your CFAA website account ( under your ‘User Profile’ click on the sub-heading ‘Member Manager’.
‘Member Manager’ will allow you to initially input then manage your CFAA Membership Listing Information. The information you enter will affect how your company is promoted by the CFAA and the CFAA website.
Details on the new ‘Member Manager’ can be found below to assist you.
The individual person who is the main designated company representative is described as the “Profile Owner” (currently this is you) of the CFAA Membership.
‘Member Manager’ Information:
* IMPORTANT *   Ensure you select ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the Member Manager page to save any changes made in Member Manager
-          Ensure your company name and contact information is correct.
-          Under ‘Company Waiver’ you must select ‘True’ or ‘False’ to each of the four (4) options. By default the waivers for publishing your Company’s Name and Address/Website have been set to ‘True’ and the waivers for publishing your Company’s CFAA Member Contacts and (Member Manager) Survey Results to ‘False’. Please verify or change these waivers.
-          Add the individual personal name(s) you would like published on the CFAA website as contacts for your company.   These persons will be your Member Contact(s).  It is recommended that the person or people within your company who normally handle all general inquiries for your company be the Member Contact(s). Please note that any individual added as a contact must first be registered on the CFAA website as a “Member”, “Associate”, “Technician”, “Student”, or “Public User”. Make sure their contact information is correctly entered as only their title can be edited by the “Profile Manager’ (you) in ‘Member Manager’. The member contacts do not need to be displayed on the web page but you may wish to add their names to indicate the individuals  your company approves to:
·         Manage your CFAA Membership account, or
·         Post Job Opportunities on the CFAA website, or
·         Receive the annual membership renewal notice / invoice.
-          ‘Member Representative’ Information.     List your approved CFAA Member Representatives.  These individuals are the personnel approved to represent your company at the CFAA.  Their names will not appear on the CFAA website as a contact.  National (Sustaining) Members can add up to three (3) additional CFAA ‘Member Representatives’, Provincial (Chapter Sustaining) Members can add up to one (1) additional CFAA ‘Member Representatives’. Please note that any individual that you wish add as a CFAA ‘Member Representative’ must first be registered on the CFAA website as a “Member”, “Associate”, “Technician”, “Student”, or “Public User”. Do not add yourself as you are the “Profile Owner” of the CFAA Membership.
-          Select all the ‘Services’ your company provides. These services are searchable by visitors to the CFAA website and will therefore assist in the promotion of your company. ‘CFAA Member’ has been selected as the only default ‘Service’ to ensure you are listed and viewable on the CFAA website. All services you list will be viewable when your contact is selected.
-          List all company ‘Service Centers’ in detail. The listing of these ‘Service Centers’ will appear on the CFAA Member listing page map. Please be advised that according to the CFAA Bylaws, Participating Members are those with only one service centre, Provincial Members have multiple service centres in a single province and National Members have service centres in multiple provinces. If you add service centres beyond your membership category you may be asked to change your CFAA Membership.
-          List all company ‘Service Locations’. Your company will appear in each of the ‘Service Locations’ listings on the CFAA Member website and will be a searchable category.
-          Please complete ‘Other Company Info’. To have this information viewable to all select ‘True’ under ‘Publish Survey Results’ in the ‘Company Waiver’ section of the Member Manager.
* IMPORTANT *   Ensure you select ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the Member Manager page to save any changes made in Member Manager.