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FA4 Manual: "Life Safety Systems Electronics"


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Life Safety Systems Electronics  is the study of the principles of electronics as they apply to life safety systems including fire alarms and building automation systems.  The manual covers both analog and digital systems and their applications.  This is a valuable manual for all those who work in or are planning to enter industries related to the built environment.  Use this manual on its own, or pair it with the course - CFAA Fire Alarm Technology Program, Life Safety Systems Electronics (Course 4).  Syllabus is as follows:
Life Safety Systems Electronics (328 pages, b&w and colour illustrations) contents are as follows:
Part A – Analog Electronics
Chapter 1: Diodes, Rectifiers and Regulators
Chapter 2: Bipolar Transistors
Chapter 3: Field Effect Transistors
Chapter 4: Power Supplies
Chapter 5: Operational Amplifiers
Chapter 6: Analog Electronics Applications
Part B – Digital Electronics
Chapter 7: Numbering Systems
Chapter 8: Logic Gates
Chapter 9: Digital System Components
Chapter 10: Digital System Components 
Part C – Life Safety Applications
Chapter 11: Analog Applications
Chapter 12: Signalling Applications
Chapter 13: Digital Applications
Chapter 14: Network Applications 
ISBN 978-0-9734001-6-8