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The Canadian Fire Alarm System-A Reference Manual


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This Manual combines the information contained in the Course 1 and Course 5 reference manual published by the CFAA, entitled "Introduction to the Fire Detection and Alarm Industry", and "Fire Alarm Systems, a Reference Manual", respectively.

It is intended that this Manual be used for both courses.  It is comprised of fourteen Units, beginning with historical notes and moving through the many components that make up today's fire alarm system.  Related systems such as Voice Communication and Suppression are described in sufficient detail, along with their relation to the fire alarm.

The primary purpose of this manual is to prepare the candidate Technician for the field experience that usually follows a period of formal study.  It is also suitable as a reference for courses presented to interest groups such as the Authorities Having Jurisdiction and building owners.  It does not present manufacturer-specific detail or word for word repetition of Standards' text.  Rather, this material is easily read and understood, accompanied by meaningful photographs and drawings.

Each Unit begins with a cover page outlining the contents of the Unit, and a list of the introductory material that is required for Course 1 study.  For Course 5, all the material in the Manual requires study.  Each Unit as well concludes with a series of review questions, that encourage further discussion especially when used in a classroom environment.

This manual makes reference to the 2010 and 2015 editions of the National Building and Fire Codes.  For the most part, the ULC standards referenced are the 2013 and 2014 editions of S536, S537 and S524.  The information drawn from these standards is presented in a format resembling the Standards' structure.

It is suggested that any learning institution using this Manual consider including the CFAA publication entitled "Fire Alarm Systems - A Laboratory Guide" as part of the course of study.  A third publication "Fire Alarm Systems Trouble Shooting Guide, Vol 1", is also offered.