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"CFAA Member" vehicle decals

8" x 8" adhesive with perforation for easy tear off.

CFAA Vehicle Decal


For use by CFAA Company Members Only
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Dear Member,

The CFAA has registered its distinctive LOGO.  

Sustaining members, Chapter Sustaining members and Participating members in good standing are allowed to use this LOGO in its approved form on their business letterhead, envelopes, business cards etc.. 

The following are the rules which must be adhered to when using the CFAA LOGO:

The LOGO may only be used to denote membership in the organization.  Therefore, the word "member" must always appear above or below the LOGO.

The LOGO may be used on your company letterhead, envelopes, business cards, promotional material etc..

Only members in good standing may use the LOGO.  When membership lapses, that company must immediately cease using the LOGO.

The LOGO must be the official design. 

A company may not through the use of the LOGO imply or infer CFAA approval for any of its operations or acts.

A person or company may not use the LOGO in a way which would cause the LOGO to dominate the space in which it appears.  This is to prevent inadvertent assumptions on the part of the uninformed reader.

In general if a dispute over the use of the LOGO arises, the decision of the Board of Director's will be final with respect to its use.  In the event of misuse a simple written notice of an order to cease and desist will be sufficient.  Failure to comply with any such order may result in loss of membership or other action.

The CFAA has become a well-known organization.  The use, by you, of our LOGO denoting membership in the CFAA should certainly be helpful in your marketing efforts!

Yours truly,

The CFAA Board of Directors