Training Program, Exemptions, and Registration

Fire Alarm Technician Training Program


During the early 1980's the Canadian Fire Alarm Association established the Fire Alarm Technician Program, leading to personal registration as a fire alarm technician.  It was created to provide training in the specialized area of fire alarm systems, thereby increasing the knowledge level of persons directly or indirectly involved in the fire alarm industry.

This educational program has been approved by various Authorities Having Jurisdiction nationwide and is now widely recognized within the industry.

This describes; the program intent, program structure, individual course content, qualifications for exemptions and CFAA Technician registration information.


Individuals performing fire alarm system inspections, testing, verifications or maintenance must be qualified and accountable for the quality of their work. It follows that there is a need for these individuals to have a minimum level of formal training and verified skills and knowledge in this specific area. The CFAA has created an approved Registered CFAA Trainee Technician program that is comprised of five (5) theory-based courses. To become a Registered CFAA Fire Alarm Technician necessary skills and hands-on training must also be obtained in the workplace.

The combination of theory-based knowledge and workplace experience will together serve to increase the level of competence of fire alarm technicians within the industry.


The CFAA Fire Alarm Technician Theory Education is comprised of five (5) theory-based courses. These theory-based courses are available for delivery in various formats and made available through many colleges, training partners as well as directly from the CFAA, administered by Orderline.  Each course is 36 classroom hours long.
There are a host of options available for completing the CFAA Theory Based Education. Courses are offered by CFAA in a number of convenient formats and can be purchased at . Course 1, Course 3 and Course 5 are available from the CFAA directly via All courses are available in webinar format and in classroom settings at scheduled intervals through third party providers. Please see the CFAA website: 
for the specific schedule and enrolment details. There are online self-study courses available through many partner colleges across Canada. Please see the CFAA website 

CFAA courses are available in classroom settings through many colleges across Canada.  The CFAA Fire Alarm Technician Program is comprised of five theory-based courses:

Course 1 - Fire Alarm System, Overview
Course 2 - Verbal and Written Communications
Course 3 - Basic Electricity
Course 4 - Life Safety Systems Electronics (LSSE) 
Course 5 - Fire Alarm System, Application

Course 1, Course 3 and Course 5 are also available directly from the CFAA through

The Association recommends that the courses be completed in the order shown. 
In addition the following should be noted:

  • The first four courses are pre-requisite subjects to Course 5 and therefore a student should not enroll into Course 5 without having completed the first four courses.
  • The minimum passing grade for all CFAA requisite courses is 60%. 
  • Each course is 36 classroom hours long.


You can be granted an exemption by the CFAA in one or more of Courses 2, 3, and 4. This is an important and obvious first step that will determine your path to registration. Someone looking to become a CFAA Fire Alarm Trainee Technician may start by obtaining exemptions from one or more of Courses 2, 3 and 4 of the CFAA Fire Alarm Technician Programs Theory Based Education. Exemptions are based solely upon courses that have been previously completed at a College, University or Trade School level, not on work experience.

The CFAA requires that a minimum grade of 60% be achieved in order for an exemption to be considered. Work experience and high school courses are not grounds for an exemption. Required documentation for an exemption is as follows: photocopy of the official transcript and or course outlines and or  diploma, a copy of  the wallet size electrician’s license. If you are a licensed electrician (309A), in Canada, you will be exempted from Courses 2, 3, and 4 if you are a licenced electrician. A copy of your electrician’s license (wallet card is acceptable).  All documentation must  accompany the application form.  Click here for the application form.
Each student will be assessed on an individual basis. There is a one time, non-refundable fee for processing of $50.00 plus applicable taxes. There is no additional charge for subsequent exemption requests by the same individual.

To apply for an exemption, click this link  print the form complete and submit with the supporting documents either by fax, mail or email,  Forward all supporting documentation/s to the CFAA by email to ( or fax (905-479-3639) or mailed to the CFAA Office (85 Citizen Court, Units 3 & 4, Markham, Ontario L6G 1A8).

Note: the self-assessment and Exemption Form submission must be completed at any time prior to becoming a Registered CFAA Trainee.

Courses 1 and 5 are mandatory and Course 5 is to be taken last..

If you are already enrolled on a course then you are already a registered Student. Simply log in with your email address and password. Select 'My Account' menu at the left, select 'Required Courses and Exemptions'.