Technician Registration & Renewal Process


Appendix A of CAN/ULC-S536 Standard for the Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems states that “any person who performs the annual test and inspection of a fire alarm system should be familiar with this Standard and have suitable formal training or sufficient experience acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction”.  The CFAA Fire Alarm Technician Program has become widely accepted across Canada as providing suitable formal training acceptable to Authorities Having Jurisdiction.

Several provinces have issued statements to the effect that the CFAA Fire Alarm Technician Education Program has been accepted by them, as meeting the intent of their fire codes, respecting the personnel who are deemed to be acceptable to perform inspection and testing of fire alarm systems in their respective jurisdictions. 

The Canadian Fire Alarm Association provides a service to all persons who have successfully completed the CFAA Fire Alarm Technician Education Program and field experience, and who can therefore expect to be accountable to the Authorities Having Jurisdiction under CAN/ULC-S536 Standard for the Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems.  This service provided by the CFAA is a registration service, whereby the CFAA will:

  • Issue the CFAA Fire Alarm Technician with a personalized photo-id badge and certificate,
  • Create a CFAA Registered Technician file,
  • Enter the CFAA Fire Alarm Technician’s name into a registration database,
  • Provide ongoing industry articles and pertinent industry information via the CFAA Journal.
  • Provide ongoing industry related continuing education

2.       Register as a CFAA Trainee and complete the recommended field experience or lab training

One must complete the five (5) CFAA requisite Theory-based courses and or have exemptions in place before you register as a Trainee.  Register online  to become a Trainee Technician by completing the trainee registration online and email proof of all five courses completed (or was exempted from, upload a passport-sized photo for id card and pay the annual registration fee for either 1 or 2 years.  The application will be pending until all documents are confirmed.
The next step in the process to become a Full Technician will be to complete the Registration Theory Exam online at

To be successful on the Registration Theory and Registration Practical Exams it is STRONGLY recommended that trainees work on fire alarm systems for a minimum 1500 hours to get the work experience and acquire the knowledge and skills required to successfully complete the two Registration Exams. The CFAA has developed a Trainee Log Book that provides a detail reference for the kinds of training one should obtain for the knowledge and skills required to successfully complete the Registration Exams. The Trainee Log Book is NOT mandatory unless the trainee is unsuccessful in completing the Registration Practical Exam on their second attempt. However, the Log Book is a great tool to use as a guide to learning.  Each individual must be well versed in all items contained within the Trainee Logbook before proceeding to the Registration Theory Exam. Once enough work experience or training has been obtained, the trainee can then make arrangements to successfully complete the Registration Theory online and then the Registration Practical Exam which is currently being scheduled through the CFAA office.  Send an email to requesting a schedule for the exam.
3.       Complete the CFAA Registration Theory Exam

The CFAA Registration Theory Examination is a standardized knowledge assessment of an individual’s understanding of the requirements to properly inspect, test and verify a fire alarm system as per Canadian Codes and Standards. This exam will only be administered and proctored Online only by Facial Recognition on the website Orderline is the CFAA Approved LMS provider. The exam will be three (3) hours in length, comprised of true/false and multiple choice type questions, 120 questions in total. Successful completion will require a minimum passing grade of 80%. Calculators, Codes, Standards and CFAA manuals is permitted to be used during the examination.
You must first register with the CFAA as a Trainee before purchasing and completing Registration Theory Exam at Questions about the Registration Theory Exam can be sent to
Preparation for the Theory exam can done by reviewing the course handbooks and materials as well as the Codes and Standards. Some questions will also test on field or lab experience. You will not be able to review the exam after it is marked. Only the final numerical results of the exam will be provided. Should you not pass, you will be required to register and pay for another exam. (Current price is $75.00 plus applicable taxes).  A simulated version is also offered with a proctored exam, this is highly recommended as it will give practice tests before attempting the final Proctored Exam.
4.       Complete the CFAA Registration Practical Exam

The CFAA Registration Practical exam will only be invigilated by CFAA approved Instructors. The two (2) hours, in person, exam is based on the past “Skills and Knowledge Checklist” as well as the CFAA Fire Alarm Trainee Logbook and will feature a number of scenarios that can be completed in a number of ways. The Trainee will be tested on an active fire alarm system designed and programmed to test all candidates equally. All tools and materials will be supplied by the CFAA Invigilator. Successful completion will require a minimum passing grade of 80%. Registration Practical Exams will be scheduled as per request across the country.  This exam is for Registered CFAA Fire Alarm Technician Trainees and CFAA RETURNING Registered Technicians ONLY) at

Practical Exam Information for Applicants

Completing practical work experience and documenting this in the Trainee logbook is the best way to prepare for the Practical exam. If your first attempt at the Registration Practical Exam is unsuccessful you must wait a minimum of one (1) month to retake the Registration Practical Exam. If you are unsuccessful after your second attempt you will be required to submit a completed CFAA Fire Alarm Trainee Log Book at the end of a minimum of one (1) year waiting period to retake the Registration Practical Exam.
5.       Registered CFAA Fire Alarm Technician - status

Once you have completed the 5 courses in the CFAA Required Theory-Based Education, you are able to become a Registered Fire Alarm Technician Trainee.  The next step will be completing both the CFAA Registration Theory Exam and the Registration Practical Exam before you will be a Fully Registered Fire Alarm Technician. A photo ID with your registration number unique to you and the province of application (Primary province based on residential address). If you wish you can also apply for Registration in other provinces (secondary registration) for an additional fee of (currently $25.00) for each province of registration applies. Call the office for assistance.
6.       Maintaining Registration as a Registered CFAA Fire Alarm Technician

One of the most important changes to the registration process is the requirement for continuing education (CE). This has always been a necessary component in the professional development of any CFAA Fire Alarm Technician in order to keep up with changes in the industry, whether they be technical, jurisdictional or pertaining to updated codes and standards. Beginning for those CFAA Fire Alarm Technician renewing in 2017, you will be required to submit proof that you have successfully completed eight (8) Continuing Education Credits within the past year or two years. The CFAA Trainee Logbook, which is available online at the CFAA website: , is a very useful tool in outlining the specific types of education that will be accepted for Continuing Education Credits, and what would be considered as industry related training. Each continuing education credit relates to approximately one hour of classroom, lecture or training time related to the industry. Note that of the 8 required credits, only 2 would have to be achieved directly through CFAA, (seminars, webinars or in-class training). The remainder can be obtained in a number of ways, including CFAA delivered seminars, educational institutions, and industry providers or even within your own company. There is a great deal of flexibility and latitude for meeting these new requirements. Each Registered CFAA Fire Alarm Technician should begin tracking their continuing education training and education on the form found at Click here for CE Submittal Form. Note: Preference for credit allotment will be given to those methods that provide proof of attendance, instructor information, session information and successful completion of a proficiency quiz or exam.
Only 8 Continuing Education Credits are required for ALL those renewing in 2017 no matter if you had registered for one or two years in the past.
Please note that if you renew your registration for two (2) years in 2016, or in the future, you will be required to submit proof for approval that you have successfully completed eight (8) Continuing Education Credits within each of the two years of your past registration period for a total of sixteen (16) Credits to renew your registration the next time.
The CFAA and approved third party providers have now launched online course training to earn credits for your renewal requirement. These courses will cover a wide range topics and will meet the requirement for 2 Category 1 credits from CFAA or all 8 credits. You can earn all eight online!  These courses are available for a minimal fee per course and are able to be done easily with nothing more than a computer with internet access.  The courses can be completed at any time as the technician’s schedule allows. Other opportunities and venues for CFAA training will also be made available and will be posted on the CFAA website as details are available. Watch the website under News and Events for updated information.
Continuing Education Credits (General Requirements)
o   Eight  (8)  Continuing  Education  (CE)   Credits are required annually prior to any technician’s registration renewal starting January 1, 2017. 

o   A minimum of two (2) CE Credits must come from Category 1 (CE Credit Submittal form) and up to all eight required credits may come from this category. This is training taken directly from the CFAA with an examination.

o   The remaining six (6) CE Credits may come from either the CFAA or other training means, or both

o   A maximum of six (6) CE Credits may be acquired annually in any one category other than Category 1

o   Pre-approval of other training or material by the CFAA is not required but submission of documentation after completion of any other training to the CFAA for approval as credit is.  It must meet the CFAA criteria approval for both content and relevancy. Submit your credit submittal form along with proof of credits at the time of renewal.

o   The Technician Training Log Book Sections “A” through “E” items are the basis of any non-CFAA training for consideration for approval towards CE Credits and the specific item the training received corresponds with must be noted on the submission form.

o   Full details regarding submission requirements and credit allotments can be found in the Click here for CE Submittal Form CFAA CE Course Submission Package.

o   Submission packages complete with supporting documentation must be emailed to at the time of request for registration renewal.

Note:  There is a reinstatement fee for all lapsed registration.  Therefore it is important for each fire alarm technician to renew on or before their registration expiry date.


 Upon receipt of an acceptable Application for Registration (as outlined above), or for Technician Renewal, the CFAA will issue the appropriate Photo-ID Badge (card) to the applicant.  Take a digital photo of your card in the event it gets lost.  Replacement cards are $50.00 plus applicable taxes each.  pdf copies are free.  (Hint) Take a photo of your id card in the event it gets lost.

The photo-id badge includes:

  - The Technician registration number of eight digits in length.

  - The name of the home-address province of the Technician is displayed at the top of the card. The first two digits of the Technician Registration number will represent the Technicians home province/territory as follows:

11 - Alberta 15 - Newfoundland & Labrador 19 - Ontario        
12 - British Columbia 16 - Northwest  Territories  20 - Prince Edward Island
13 - Manitoba            17 - Nova Scotia 21 - Quebec
14 - New Brunswick   18 - Nunavut        22 - Saskatchewan
23 - Yukon    

  - The last six digits of the number will be the individual technician's unique identification number.

 The Ontario cards will be different in another way. The Office of the Fire Marshal of Ontario has stated that the CFAA Fire Alarm Technician registration cards,  carried by technicians who wish to work in Ontario, must bear specific wording. This is because of the differences between the Ontario and the National, building and Fire Codes. Therefore such cards issued to registered CFAA Fire Alarm Technicians having an Ontario address, will automatically contain the following ‘Ontario Identifier Statement’:

On cards issued to CFAA Fire Alarm Technicians in all provinces other than Ontario, the statement reads “The bearer of this card has successfully completed the FIRE ALARM TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM.   

"This program is deemed acceptable to the Fire Marshal and satisfies the requirements of  Division C, Subsection 1.2.1. and of the 2007 Ontario Fire Code and CAN/ULC-S536/S537"

A Registered CFAA Fire Alarm Technician may be registered in more than one province. In that case, the Technician must apply accordingly, and, if deemed appropriate by the CFAA, cards will be issued for additional provinces. The CFAA Fire Alarm Technician Registration Number will be the same on all cards except for the provincial designation.  There is a fee for each additional provincial registration and card.


Please note when your CFAA Registration is expiring.
The expiry date is shown on your Photo ID Badge.
Take a photo of your id card and keep for your record (There is a replacement fee of $50.00 plus applicable taxes)

 In order to remain a Registered Technician in good standing you are required to complete the renewal process (Continuing Education beginning 2017) along with your picture and payment to the CFAA..
To do this, please log in at the top right of the screen.  Your email address is your user-id and was created for you. Click on forgot password to get a new password.  or send an email to  
Once logged in, your account information menu will appear at the left side of the screen.
Select 'Renewal'. under 'Technician Status/Update'

Click here if  you need help logging in